IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Quality of Service
25–28 June 2021 // Virtual Conference


Best Paper Award

LightNF: Simplifying Network Function Offloading in Programmable Networks
Xiang Chen (Peking University, Pengcheng Lab, and Fuzhou University, China); Qun Huang (Peking University, China); Peiqiao Wang (Fuzhou University, China); Zili Meng (Tsinghua University, China); Hongyan Liu (Zhejiang University, China); Yuxin Chen (University of Science and Technology of China, China); Dong Zhang (Fuzhou University, China); Haifeng Zhou (Zhejiang University, China); Boyang Zhou (Zhejiang Lab, China); Chunming Wu (College of Computer Science, Zhejiang University, China)
Efficient Fine-Grained Website Fingerprinting via Encrypted Traffic Analysis with Deep Learning
Meng Shen, Zhenbo Gao and Liehuang Zhu (Beijing Institute of Technology, China); Ke Xu (Tsinghua University, China)

Best Paper Award Runner-up

Understanding and Improving User Engagement in Adaptive Video Streaming
Chunyu Qiao and Jiliang Wang (Tsinghua University, China); Yanan Wang (IQIYI Science & Technology Co., Ltd., China); Yunhao Liu (Tsinghua University & The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China); Hu Tuo (IQIYI Science & Technology Co., Ltd., China)